Coaching is a facilitated self-transformation towards a self-defined positive state.

What is the effect of coaching?

Coaching provides you with the space and time to reflect on your own goals, values and needs. The resulting clarity strengthens your self-awareness. You are better protected against mental crises and exhaustion.

I support you in taking new perspectives that will lead you to more empathy for yourself and others. You will develop an individual balance between involvement and serenity with regard to your dealing with expectations. Inner clarity will let you discover the courage to live life according to your own values.

Why is coaching effective?

Coaching substantially differs from your daily routine for two main reasons:

1. We spend large parts of everyday life without really noticing what we are doing and why we are doing it – we are on ‘autopilot’. In contrast, coaching provides you with a chance to reflect and to attend to what really matters to you.

2. We all do it all the time: judging. Based on subjective criteria we judge something as pleasurable, praiseworthy or sensible – and something else as crazy, selfish or hopeless. As your coach, I do not judge but I will facilitate your clarifying the question: What works and what is good for me?

You will find that this mental freedom alone sparks off novel insights. Beyond that, I will support your transformation process using individually selected methods (questioning techniques, analytical tools, visualization, creative techniques …).

Who should be availing themselves of coaching and when?

It is my personal conviction that the benefits of coaching – consciously reflecting on and shaping your own life – are valuable to anyone at any time. It is important to me to actualize this belief by offering a flexible pricing structure.

Especially young people benefit from greater clarity when they are facing far-reaching choices. Also, communicating harmoniously with your partner is an infinite challenge. Both individual and couple coaching might help uncovering and modifying destructive behavior patterns.

Beyond that, the reasons to take up coaching are as many and varied as people themselves are. In a non-binding preliminary conversation, we will clarify if your cause is suitable for my coaching.

How does the coaching proceed?

Firstly, we arrange a free preliminary conversation in person or over the telephone. We will clarify your open questions – primarily if your cause is suitable for my coaching – and we will discuss the coaching agreement. It contains formal conditions as well as duties of both the coach (e.g. confidentiality) and the client (e.g. individual responsibility).

After we have decided to work together, our sessions will take place between 12:00 and 22:00 hours on Tuesdays to Saturdays at my space in Berlin Friedrichshain.

Typically, we will proceed from the clarification of problems and goals through to approaches to solutions and specific actions. The pace of these steps as well as the overall duration of your coaching process depend on your own preferences – I will facilitate your transformation process as efficiently as possible, subject to your individual goals.

What does coaching cost?

It is my vision that anyone who would like to benefit from coaching should have the opportunity to do so. This requires a solidary pricing system. Therefore, the cost of a coaching session depends on your gross annual income:

60 minutes 90 minutes
up to €25,000 We will agree upon an appropriate amount individually.
up to €35,000 €100.00 €120.00
up to €45,000 €135.00 €160.00
up to €60,000 €165.00 €200.00
from €60,000 €200.00 €250.00
for businesses €250.00 €300.00

If you take up coaching to clarify occupational issues and promote your career, the expenses might be tax-deductible.

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