flux Coaching offers individually tailored trainings, workshops and seminars. For businesses, teams and individuals - in and outside of Berlin.

Vision crafting

A shared goal leads to harmonious and productive cooperation. In this training, I will show you how to develop sustaining inspirational visions for your team or project.

Conflict transformation

You will discover how to de-escalate, reframe and transform conflicts into opportunities for growth building on Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication.

Cultivating Mindfulness

After this training, you will know why mindfulness has become the biggest trend in decades. You will learn techniques that foster balance, focus, harmony and serenity in both private and professional contexts.

Learning the good life

What makes the good life? You will come up with your own answer – let’s delve into the question together! Get inspired by Positive Psychology’s recent discoveries and the history of Philosophy – explained in a relatable and hands-on fashion.

Creative strategy formation

Creativity is not about being artistically talented – it’s about the ability to bring something new into the world! This ability will come naturally to you using Design Thinking, one of the biggest business trends of recent years.

What does training cost?

Costs for trainings, workshops and seminars vary according to time frame, number of participants and venue. Please get in touch for a customized offer!