Mediation creates opportunities for relationships to emerge stronger from conflict.

What is the effect of mediation?

Mediation is a facilitated communication process between conflicting sides which aims at preserving and improving their relationship while at the same time considering the interests of each side. It might benefit successful collaboration of colleagues, harmonious living as a couple or family, but might also facilitate a respectful separation.

When communication has broken off due to conflict, mediation helps to re-engage in a dialogue and develop win-win solutions.

Why is mediation effective?

Conflicts are a fundamental and certainly not plain negative part of relationships. Family therapist Jesper Juul even suggests that ‘if you don’t have at least 25 conflicts a day, you don’t have meaningful relationships’. Thus, mediation never tries to deny or avoid conflicts. Instead you will observe and shape them consciously.

As a mediator, I support you in taking new perspectives. Behind seemingly mutually exclusive positions you will discover individual interests and needs – partly differing, partly overlapping. Based on rediscovered common ground, you will create tangible attempts at win-win solutions.

Who should be availing themselves of mediation and when?

As a mediator I support you with every kind of conflict, be it in a domestic, occupational or other context.

Every relationship contains differing interests and needs that are not always addressed but carry the potential for misunderstanding and conflict. It is often advisable to have a closer look and learn how to handle them constructively.

If you want to improve communication in your relationship with your partner I can offer you either mediation, couple coaching or issue-specific individual coaching.

How does the mediation proceed?

Firstly, we arrange a free preliminary conversation over the telephone. We will clarify your open questions – primarily if your cause is suitable for mediation by me – and we will discuss the mediation agreement. It contains formal conditions as well as duties of both the mediator (e.g. confidentiality) and the conflicting sides (e.g. individual responsibility).

If you could not get the other party on board by then, I might ask for his or her willingness in exceptional cases only. Even if they are not available for mediation, individual coaching might be advisable to explore your own possibilities to create change in the relationship.

After we have decided to work together, our sessions will take place between 12:00 and 22:00 hours on Tuesdays to Saturdays at my space in Berlin Friedrichshain. Both sides will share their view on the conflict. Guided by my facilitation you will explore the needs your interests are based on, thereby creating common ground and room for solution-oriented action.

What does mediation cost?

It is my vision that anyone who would like to benefit from mediation should have the opportunity to do so. This requires a solidary pricing system. Therefore, the cost of a mediation session depends on the average gross annual income of both attending parties:

90 minutes
up to €25,000 We will agree upon an appropriate amount individually.
up to €35,000 €100.00
up to €45,000 €120.00
up to €60,000 €150.00
from €60,000 €180.00
for businesses €250.00

Example: Client A earns 60.000€ gross annually, client B 30.000€. The average income is 45.000€, so one session costs 120,00€. Each attending party contributes 60,00€.

Expenses for mediation might be tax-deductible.

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