At flux Coaching in Berlin you will gain clarity about the path that feels right to you. Shape your life consciously – as a business executive or job starter, in your professional and private life.

We all have unfulfilled needs and aspirations, but not always are we in touch with them.

The more stress and anxiety we experience and the more sensitive we react to it – estimates classify 20% of the population as highly sensitive – the more we experience feelings of mental overload.

In such cases our brain resorts to archaic reaction patterns: fight, flight and paralysis, i.e. repression.

Coaching and mediation provide you with the space, the time and the supportive facilitation to take a close look at what is happening.

The safe environment enables you to gain new perspectives, see the bigger picture and your own varied resources, thereby strengthening your brain’s capacity to operate strategically and creatively.

You will perceive your own needs with greater clarity, formulate goals accordingly, set your personal priorities and develop options for action.

You will find:

Being happy means:
to know that you are on the right path.

(Jorge Bucay)